Learning and Practicing Drum Rudiments gets rave reviews from people around the world!

"Steve's video is an excellent way to improve your knowlege of drum rudiments and to build your technique in a methodical and systematic manner. The addition of the metronome is especially useful. You could use this as a "Play along" to make your technique a little less tedious."

"I like the way things were played slow and with the metronome, then played fast so I could really understand. I also really like the way things were explained. Excellent instructional video. I recommend it to every drummer and percussionist out there"

"I haven't played drums for several years now, but after watching this video, I can't wait to put the set up again! What a great idea! What a great Chops Builder!"

"As a trumpet player I've studied snare rudiments on and off for years to improve my timing. This video is so well designed and easy to use I recommend it to both beginner and advanced musicians everywhere."

" After playing for 14 years and studying in a University setting, I still felt my Chops weren't where they should be. This video will definitely help me to work on my weaknesses. Especially helpful is the metronome which is on the TV's screen as well as ticking in the background."

"I found Steve's video to be helpful for any drummer who wants to hear how rudiments sound at different speeds and how combinations of rudiments can be applied to the set."

"I can actually follow with it and got something the first time I watched it. I like the big-name videos, but this has the level I can actually use. Plus, I'm sure impressed with it."

"I had several years of college music education and everything I saw in this video was totally legit. It's presented in a very professional manner. This video has not only helped our drummer, but our whole band. Thanks!"

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