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The finals of the 16th annual Heat Strokes Drum Contest was held on Tuesday night June 26th at McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, Illinois. The contest†organized by Steve Fagiano / Centrifugal Force Drum School and FagianoDrums.com. The contest had beginners through advanced drum set and snare drum categories with focus on education. At 7:00 p.m. Master of Ceremonies Mr. Mike Ghilardi of the Chicago Royal Airs Drum Corps announced " drummers let it roll "to open the beginner competition. These beginners played with confidence and control and are the favorite of Mr. Fagiano's, from the 1st contest held sixteen years ago in Scottsdale, Az. and bought back to the Chicago area back in 2002. Ten year old Joe Cangelosi of Mchenry IL. won the drum set contest for beginners, with Kevin Donka of Lake in the Hills winning the individual snare contest Seventeen year old Greg Guelzo of Lake in the Hills, IL. and Huntley High School won the advanced drum set competition over a class of ten inalist ranging from 17 to 52 years old in the advanced drum set class. This contest has catapulted many contestants to playing with touring bands, teaching at High School's and Colleges and winning a D.C.I. national individual snare drum I&E, with David Oriente, Blue Stars, Wisc. in 2009. The sponsors of this yearly event are: Zildjian cymbals, Evans heads, Pro Mark Sticks, Yamaha drums, Humes & Berg cases, Gibraltar hard ware, Sabian cymbals, Percussive Arts Society, Paiste, Modern Drummer Magazine, Toca and Latin Percussion, Piano Trends Music, AniMusic.com, Vic Firth sticks, Alfred Publishing, Gretsch drums,†U.S.M.C. drum Corps alumni D.C., Drum Magazine, HQ. Percussion, Chicago Royal Airs, McHenry County College, Tyler Press Inc. and North West Herald newspaper.

Drum Set Final Score
Placement Contestants Score
1 Greg Guelzo 93.5
2 Jimmy Pinki 92.0
3 Ken Slama 91.5
4 Tyler Ommen 86.0 (6.0 Penalty)
5 Mike Reinhold 84.0 (2.0 Penalty)
6 Zach Perron 74.5
7 Mitch Gorman 71.0 (7.0 Penalty)
8 Elliott Lupp 68.5 (4.0 Penalty)
9 Paul Thompson 68.0
10 Brian Lavole 60.0

Intermediate Drum Set
Placement Contestants Score
1 Joe Cangelosi 51.5 (1.0 Penalty)
2 Marielle Prioda 47.0
3 Harsh Agawal 45.0

Individual Snare Drum
1 Kevin Donka 93.5
2 Greg Guelzo 89.0 (1.0 Penalty)
3 Harsh Agawal 75.0 (2.0 Penalty)

Honorable Mention & Coming soon
Beginner Ida A. - Chris D. - Vince R.
Intermediate Dan B. - Jack T. - Ryan S.
Advanced Dylan H. - Pat R. - Eric D. & Dean B.

God Bless & hope you all learned something for this contest & it will guide you in future endeavors. Like our H.S.D.C. 2007 winner David Oriente, the DCI 2009 National I&E Snare Drum Champion.

Thank You All.

Judges - John Williamson, Daniel Villarreal
Tabulator - Edward Roberts, Timer Terry Dudgeon
Photographer - Jeff Williams - Staff - Patty Smith, Ed Violet
Cynthia Harper, Carol Prihoda, Zack Perron,

Special Thanks to:
McHenry County College & Dr. Thomas Takayama.

Steve Fagiano
Founder & Director.
The 17th Annual Heat Strokes Drum Contest June, 2013
( 847-404-7806 )


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