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The finals of the 15th Annual Heat Strokes Drum Contest were held once again at the McHenry County College. In the beautiful 250 seat conference room. With a near capacity crowd, even though there were tornado warnings & a power blackout. This year the contest was Class (A) and (B), instead of a three class contest. This years contest was also one of the best in years, as any of top seven class (A) could have pulled off a win. For only the 2nd time in 15 years we had a repeat winner. Crystal Lakes own 18 yr. old Tyler Ommen won again in Class (A) and Joe Babick was the only other winning two years in a row. Wonder Lake's 27 yr. old Paul Thompson pulled off a Class (B) win. As its your preliminary score & talent & not age that gets you in a class. Once again the intensity was high as with many new drummers this year, people were wondering how the contest worked & how they would place. More info & pictures on www.FagianoDrums.com Mr. Fagiano mentioned that you never know, the contest could end up back in Arizona, or back west for the 20th Annual. in 5 years. What a great 15 years of running a contest. These kids both young and old have learned so much & went so far. Just imagine how much I have learned watching & running a contest like this. We might even try & get all the dvd's together & put out a " The Best of Heat Strokes Drumming "
What a great contest & even greater running one.

Class (A) Contestants
Placement Contestants City Score
1 Tyler Ommen Crystal Lake 93.00
2 James Pinki Crystal Lake 91.05
3 Ken Slama Wonder Lake 90.00
4 Elliott Lupp Mchenry 86.50
5 Lane Parsons Crystal Lake 85.50
6 Mike Reinhold Crystal Lake 82.00
7 Dylan Harper Lakewood 81.00
8 Matt Spina L.I.T.H. 76.00
9 Mike Miczak Mchenry 72.00
10 Alec Madeya Algonquin 66.00

Class (B) Contestants
Placement Contestants City Score
1 Paul Thompson Wonder Lake 54.50
2 Zack Perron Harvard 51.50
3 Joe Cangelosi Mchenry 50.50
4 Cody Bauman Marengo 47.50
5 Harsh Agawal L.I.T.H. 44.50
6 Tate Davis Crystal Lake 42.00
7 Colleen Bransley Crystal Lake 41.00
Honorable Mention
8 Nick Skleba Cary IL.
9 Ryan Szpak Huntley IL.
10 Marielle Prihoda C.L. IL.

Judges: John Williamson, Danny Villarreal.
Tabulator & Timer. Edward Roberts


Jeff Williams Royal Airs
Brook Mrvicka
( www.crystallakepatch.com )


Cynthia Harper
Dennis Kranz
Patyy Smith
Ed Violet
Don Sonne

Master of Ceremonies
Robert Madeya

Special Thanks to Doctor Thomas Takayama and
MCC & a cast of Volunteers to many to mention.


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