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The Following are the Final scores from the 12th Annual Heat Strokes Drum Contest.
Once again held in the beautiful conference room at the McHenry County College

In Crystal Lake Illinois. June 21,2008

This year we changed over to a class (A) and Class (B) divisions contest.

Class (B)
11th Nathan Tappen 46.50
10th Hawken Stephen 51.50
9th. Dylan Harper 52.00
8th. William Alexande 53.00
7th. Joey Hanley 59.00
6th. Anthony Friedi 61.00
5th. Dean Sinclair 61.50
4th. Arjun Tambe 62.00
3rd. Dean Boyter 64.00
2nd. James Pinkl 67.50
1st John Jaworski 70.50

Class (A)
Exhibition: Aaron Shepley
9th. Justin Veach 65.00
8th Paul Shallcross 65.50
7th. Michael Perski 66.50
6th. Robert Martin 68.00
5th. Steven Zokal 70.00
4th Tyler Ommen 79.00
3rd. Greg Guelzo 80.50
2nd. James Allen 88.50
1st. David Oriente 94.50

John Williamson 6th year
Daniel Villarreal 2nd. year

Edward Roberts 5th year

George Drish 3rd. year

Staff of great Volunteers

Rick Alexander
Chris Fontana
Ken Friedi
Mike Ghilardi
Steve Guelzo
Cynthia Harper
Adam Tappen
Ben Wyman
Founder & Director:
Steve Fagiano

Thanks for all the help from all the Parents and for showing the kids good
sportsmanship and once again for backing this Educational event.

Doctor Thomas Takayama
McHenry County College
Mayor Aaron Shepley
Crystal Lake Illinois

And The 25 companies on our flyers etc.
for helping with your generous donations


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